To be the country of Nr. 1 personal flower consumption in the world!
Japan Floral Marketing Association (JFMA)

JFMA Profile

Japan Floral Marketing Association (JFMA) is a non-profit organization established on 18th May, 2000 and had reorganized to be a limited liability intermediate corporation in January 2006, and a general incorporated association in January 2009.
JFMA is open to all corporates and individuals in the flower industry. As of June 2009, the association has 250 members from across the industry including seedling companies, growers, floral auction markets, wholesalers, bouquet makers, supermarkets, and florists.

The distinctive feature of JFMA lies in its neutrality as a non-profit organization composed by cross-industrial parties without any specific interest group.

JFMA is chaired by Kosuke Ogawa, Professor of Marketing, Graduate School of Business of Hosei University. Hitomi Itoh, vice president of Zentoku Corporation and Tomokazu Morishige, president of Impack Corporation, have served as vice-president.

The operational policy and project programs are planned at the monthly board meeting and the annual general meeting and each project and seminar are carried out by the members’ participation.

Objectives and Background of JFMA

The mission of JFMA is to “boost the floral consumption in Japan”. To achieve this goal, we intend to “explore all possible ways to make more people enjoy flowers” in the chain activities from growers, traders to retailers.
JFMA aims to serve as a forum for skill improvement and problem resolutions, while providing networking opportunities to our members.

In order to develop the home-use flower market in Japan, JFMA has introduced the systems and know-how for the floral distribution and sales at the mass marketers, bouquet makers, florist chains and cold chain in the Western countries through the international seminars.

In 2001, JFMA launched 2 workshops on “Water in bucket distribution system for cut flowers” and “Freshness guaranteed flower sales”. Water in bucket system workshop has contributed to standardize the buckets specifications for cut flower distribution.
In 2006, JFMA introduced MPS to Japan, a Dutch floral certification program aimed at the reduction of the environmental impact, which had been focused the attention since the international seminar held in November 2002.

Point-of-sale study project started since 2004 culminated in the publication of “The Manual for florists” which has been continuously updated. The book is designed to guide florists in all the basic aspects from purchase to store presentation in order to make their customers buy more flowers. In 2006, JFMA brought forth another marketing textbook for florists, “The Instant Hand Book”

JFMA will continue to promote various programs in an effort to boost flower consumption.

Basic Policy

Mission statement Promote the expansion of floral consumption
Business content

  1. Providing marketing research and market information
  2. Training and fostering human resources for the floral industry
  3. Promoting floral marketing skills and consulting
  4. Evaluating flowers with setting the standards for the grading specifications and freshness preservation of flowers

Slogan “Shall We Flower?”

Contact to JFMA

Japan Floral Marketing Association, GIA. (JFMA)

Address : Toetsuhakuyo bldg. 5F, 4-9 Yonbancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0081 JAPAN
Phone : 81-3-3238-2700
Fax : 81-3-3238-2701
E-mail : info@jfma.net
Secretariat : Yayoi Noguchi